Where’s my order?

You’ll get the tracking #’s to the email address you gave us when it ships.  Call or email and we’ll give you all the info available.

I need it tomorrow / Saturday -can you do it?

Might be able to -email or call us. Note the new nitrogen cylinders do not ship via air.

YouTube instructions—[uses the older cylinder, soon to be updated with the new]
Can I still order the older cylinder?

No, that cylinder has been discontinued. Our new cylinder requires a new regulator but functions exactly the same and will dispense 15L of wine. NO additional shipping hazmat fee’s! Order as many or as few as you need. NO additional 37.00$ per package on top of the freight hazmat’s fee’s -yay!
All older equipment can use the new cylinders -all you need is the conversion regulator.

I just finish the bottle – why would I need a systems like this?

Our systems are designed for use in restaurants, but a home user can benefit from having a wine preservation system as well.  Have more than one bottle open at time with no risk of spoilage.

I have my own high pressure refillable cylinder -can I use it?

Yes, but you’ll need our single stage regulator to make it work, call or email and we’ll get you going.

How does a NitroTap system work?

Simply put, all pressurized dispensing systems work by pushing the wine out of the bottle. Replacing the empty headspace with an inert, odorless, tasteless gas (typically, Nitrogen). The wine does not come into contact with oxygen until it is in your glass.

Can I use Argon?

Yes- you can use Nitrogen, Argon or a Nitrogen / CO2 blend. We sell a one time use, disposable nitrogen cylinder but can configure and sell you a CGA 580 regulator to use refillable cylinders.

Is Argon better than Nitrogen ?

Better at what? Maybe if you sell Argon, it’s better but for the rest of us, you’ll experience no difference other than the cost. Real word fact : the 18 gram sealed Nitrogen cylinder we sell, dispenses the exact same amount of wine as a 26 gram Argon sealed cylinder will. Really? Really! Even though it weighs more, it doesn’t dispense more.
But wait, Argon’s heavier, that must mean it’s better. Again, better at what? We hear this claim from marketing people all the time. Molecular weight has no performance difference in pressurized wine dispensing systems.

Will the bottle explode?

No -our systems have always been designed to work at the lowest operating pressure possible.  It will not happen with a NitroTap system.

I broke something, what do I do now?

Call us -Our systems are all made in the USA and we have the parts, though after almost 30 years of refinement, there isn’t that much that will break.  Call or email, we’ll take care of you.  Have someone else’s system?  Don’t worry, we can fix that too.

Wow -those handles are really cool, can I buy one?

If you work for one of those companies , yes –email us for the private ordering site.
If not, sorry no.

What’s the warranty?

Forever !  Well not really, but at least 1 yr parts/labor on most products , longer on our refrigerated cabinet systems.

What’s the return policy?

Pretty standard stuff though there is a 20 % restocking fee, call for instructions.  Freight and handling are not refundable.   Cylinders are not returnable.