Wine Seller Series

Wine Seller Series (single bottle 750ml-18L)

3 liters = Double Magnum
5 liters = Jeroboam
6 liters = Methuselah
9 liters = Salmanazar
12 liters = Balthazar
15 liters = Nebuchadnezzar
18 liters = Melchoir

Ever thought of opening one? How do you pour it? Great for a party but what if you can’t finish it – after a day or so you’d have to pour it down the drain.  Finally a system that really works!  Using our Wine Seller systems, you can both preserve and dispense from large format bottles with ease.  Each wine saver system comes complete with a bottle stand / regulator base (can be branded),large format wine tap, low pressure regulator, 1 nitrogen cylinder (will dispense 15L of wine)

Archipel WS3L system

WS3L Stainless steel

Hogue 3L

WS3L multi branding

Gallo WS3L multi-branding

750ml dispensing

WS101B with Oak veneer & applied graphic

older examples

Older examples