Nitrogen cylinders

I need them tomorrow / Saturday -can you do it ?

Yep, if you call us earlier enough in the day.  It’ll get expensive fast as there will be an AIR hazmat/dangerous goods fee of 40.00/ per box on top of the freight -yes on top of the freight / handling fees.   Add another 10$ for Saturday delivery.  The caveat- dangerous goods/ hazmat shipments do not have a money back day definite guarantee.  Our shipments have delivered on time but again there is no money back guarantee.


Can I reship them/ take them on the airplane / mail them with USPS?

No, no and no. You need a hazardous materials / dangerous goods contract with UPS or FedEx to reship them.  The TSA will not allow them on the airplane – I don’t know what they’ll do to you -don’t even try it.  Not legal to mail them either -a full color poster in every post office says you can’t  and the clerk is going to ask you if you package contains anything hazardous – these are compressed gas cylinders, classified by the DOT as a hazardous materials/ dangerous goods.

Can you refill the nitrogen cylinders?

No but you can recycle them as scrap steel.